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Vivala Tranquility



Current Calm users can switch to Calm Premium Family from their current subscription at any time, as the plan admin or a plan member, without losing your saved favorites, downloads, or session history.

The cost of a previously purchased subscription cannot be applied towards the cost of a Family plan.

We encourage all yearly subscribers to cancel the auto-renew of their yearly subscription if they’d like to purchase Calm Premium Family.

Vivala Premium Family is billed for a full year to the payment method provided at check-out and is set to renew annually. Until the Family plan has been canceled, it will be billed automatically each year to the person who originally purchased the Vivala Premium Family plan.

Vivala Premium Family allows up to 6 friends and family members (who may or may not live with you!) to receive access to Vivala Premium for one yearly payment. Vivala Premium Family Member must be 18 years of age or older.

Each Vivala Premium Family Member has their own Vivala account and logs in to their account using a unique email address and password. Session history, stats, check ins, and other personal information tied to a Vivala account are not shared between Vivala Premium Family Members.